Glow Plug Removal in Scotland

Mobile Glow Plug Removal Specialist

Broken Glow plugs are very common on modern vehicles, they will usually either break at the top leaving the full glow plug in the cylinder head or they can appear to unscrew correctly but leave a bit of the glow plug tip stuck inside the head.

It is quite common for the tip of the glow plug to break on the following vehicles:

  • Peugeot, Citroen and Ford vehicles fitted with the 1.6 DV6 engine
  • Fiat and Vauxhall vehicles fitted with the 1.9L Fiat engine
  • Mercedes Cdi engines

We can remove broken glow plug tips from most vehicles subject to sufficient access.

We also have specific glow plug removal equipment for vehicles with the following engines:

  • Mercedes V6 2.8L & 3.2L
  • Fiat 1.3
  • BMW M47, M57, N47 & N47S

We also have universal equipment for M8, M9 & M10 glow plug sizes covering most common vehicles.

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